The Bennington Museum recently adopted new
Mission and Vision statements. 
We are happy to share them with you here. 

 The Mission of Bennington Museum

Bennington Museum engages and transforms our visitors and our
community by connecting them to our region’s diverse arts,
rich history, and culture of innovation.


The Vision of the Bennington Museum

Bennington Museum is a museum of art, history, and innovation.  The museum
collects, interprets, and celebrates the creativity of our region and of Vermont
across time.  We believe that by connecting people with real objects of art
and history, and challenging them with complex ideas, we will excite the
imagination, inspire innovation, and bring delight.

Bennington Museum:

1.    Provides complex, meaningful experiences that transform the lives of
       visitors through exposure to the ideas, events, and things that
       have roots in Bennington and this region

                •    Leverages the power of museums to bring people face-to-face
                      with real objects

                •    Is a participatory museum, encouraging dialogue among visitors,
                      staff, and community

2.    Presents the world’s best gathering of art and historical materials with roots
       in Bennington, Vermont’s oldest town, and its region

               •    Presents the best achievements of this region—past and
                     present—to all

               •    Develops its physical site and viewshed to integrate them more
                     effectively with our neighborhood in Old Bennington and
                     the town of Bennington

               •    Presents the creations of our region within the context of Vermont
                     and Northern New England

3.    Embraces innovation as a defining feature of our brand, our mission,
       and our programs

              •    Emphasizes innovation in our permanent galleries, temporary
                    exhibitions, programs, and interpretation, e.g., Vermont
                    political activism, Bennington potteries, Grandma Moses,
                    Bennington Modernism

              •    Inspires and fuels innovation in the arts and industry of the region
                    by connecting the past to the present and future
                    —creative collisions

              •    Is a strong advocate for innovation in the Bennington region

4.    Is the heart of our community, linking businesses and schools, artists and
       entrepreneurs, visitors and residents, creating a deeper sense of place,
       and providing a venue where people learn and exchange ideas

             •    Is for all the community, overcoming the barriers (social, economic,
                   and cultural) that prevent people from visiting the museum

             •    Is a core educational resource to all—children, youth, and adults
             •    Partners with other area organizations to foster a healthy and
                   wholesome community

             •    Serves as a connector, bringing people together with people in
                   order to create a deeper sense of engagement, build networks,
                   and nurture innovation

5.    Practices the highest standards in all our endeavors
            •    Adheres to the best museum standards, practices, and ethics
            •    Commit to good governance, professional development, and
                  fiscal responsibility

            •    Makes the building and operations more ecologically sustainable

The museum is open daily 10 am to 5 pm thorugh October.  
November and December it is closed on Wednesday.
We are closed the month of January.