The Bennington Historical Society's mission is to research the history of Bennington and surrounding communities and share our insights with the public. We hope to foster a greater understanding of our common heritage.

Our members conduct oral history interviews, and collect and transcribe diaries, letters, and other documents that provide insights into life in and around Bennington. Recently, the society has produced a series of educational DVDs on topics related to local history, including Baseball in Bennington and Postcards from Bennington.

The society conducts approximately eight monthly meetings per year in the Bennington Museum’s beautiful Ada Paresky Education Center. Programs typically consist of a presenter who addresses a topic concerning Bennington's rich history. Recent meetings have included the solo historical character actor Jim Cooke, best known for his rendition of Calvin Coolidge, and Brian Donelson, author of “The Coming of the Train,” who gave a presentation on the fascinating history and the impact of the Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad (HT&W). 

The Bennington Historical Society is proud to host

The Bennington History Club

Gather together to share your interest in and passion for Bennington's historical heritage

Bring your stories, findings, artifacts and questions and together we can keep Bennington's rich history alive and preserve it into the future

Our next meeting will be in May

light refreshments will be served

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Upcoming Presentations:

Our monthly presentations are usually on the third Sunday of the month (be sure to check the specific days and dates) at 2:00p.m in the Ada Paresky Education Center at the Bennington Museum, located at 75 Main Street in Bennington. 

March 15 2015:  Life in Bennington County (Lecture Notes)

April Nineteenth, 2015:  Anne Bugbee  "The Graded School"