Bennington Museum makes it a policy to meet each group visiting the museum with Vermont hospitality and offer a variety of ways to enjoy your time here.  As always, the driver of the coach and the on-bus guide are admitted free and receive a 10% discount in our museum shop.


Self-guided tours allow your group to explore the museum galleries at their own pace.  For 2012, your group may want to visit between now and May 22 when "Momento Mori": The Art and Commerce of of Gravestones in Bennington explores the artists, aesthetics, and economics involved in the creation of these poignant memorials to lives lost. The exhibition takes place in two phases: the first phase, on view  February 2 through May 22, features photographs of gravestones taken by Daniel Farber (1906-1998), while the second phase, opening on March 10, features original gravestones, including the markers (head and foot) created to memorialize Bennington's first minister, Rev. Jedidiah Dewey.   Opening on March 17 and on view until May 15, come and enjoy Revealed: A Century of Women’s Underwear  There is a lot more to fashion than what you see on the surface.  How did Victorian women create the illusion of such impossibly tiny waists?  How did they maintain hoop skirts of such epic proportions on the eve of the Civil War?   This exhibit will peek under the skirt and look at the number and variety of layers required by Bennington's fashionable females hundreds of years ago.  Still others may want see the 1924 Wasp Touring Car, or the  Military Gallery which highlights the Battle of Bennington with military weapons, maps, and so much more.  On permanent view in the Flag Gallery is one of the oldest Stars and Strips in the country dating back to the early 1800s.  The pottery gallery along with the furniture and fine arts galleries are still favorites of many travelers.  But it doesn't matter, as each person can go off on their own.  The price for self-guided tours is $8.50 per person.


Docent-guided tours can be arranged for either the entire museum or particular exhibits.  Our trained docents are well versed in our exhibits and can add interesting details to your group's visit.  A docent-guided tour can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on your schedule.   And don't forget to allow time to shop in the museum store where unique items related to the exhibits, Grandma Moses and more can be found.  Or, enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, and snack in the cafe.  A docent-guided tour is $10 per person.


Step-on or Walking Tours enable your group to expand their visit to include Old Bennington which includes the Bennington Monument, the Old First Church and Robert Frost’s grave site, and historical landmarks on the way. Our docents will provide information about the history of the area offering a wonderful experience for the members of your group.  This type of tour is $16.00 and takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours, again depending on the schedule your group is on.  Should it be more convenient, we can conduct a docent-guided tour of the museum in the morning, your group can take a lunch break, and then the remainder of the tour can be conducted in the afternoon.  It is the goal of the Bennington Museum to work with you in arranging the best visit possible.  Custom tours can be arranged to fit your needs.  Call our Group Tour Department at 802-447-1571 or write to us.

If you would like to hold a private dinner/lunch along with a guided tour of our galleries or the exhibit on view at the time of your visit, the staff of the museum would be happy to arrange the catered event and tour. 

Major credit cards are accepted and we request that reservations be made no less than one week in advance for a guided tour and two days in advance for a self-guided tour. The Bennington Museum is accessible to wheelchair bound visitors.

There are so many ways your group can explore the Bennington Museum.  Contact us for details.



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