Bennington Modernism Gallery -

works by Frankenthaler, Olitski, Feeley, Adams and other avant-garde artists working in and around Bennington in the early 1950s to mid-1970s. Leading the nation in artistic thought and innovation.

Panel Discussion on "Outsider" Art - Reinterpreting Modern and Contemporary Self-Taught Art -

May 3 at 2:00 p.m. at the Bennington Museum. Free and open to the public.

19th and 20th Century Paintings -

on view in the Center Gallery.

What's the Color of Love? -

works by Karl Mullen on view in the Regional Artist Gallery.

Three Vermont Impressionists - Works by Noyes, Burton and Bayard -

On view through June 17. Arthur Gibbes Burton, Jade River, c. 1932, Oil on canvas, Richard Michelman Collection. Accompanying catalogue available in the Museum Gift Shop.

Wall Drawing by Jarvis Rockwell -

the most expansive and complex of Rockwell's wall drawings on view in the Ada Paresky Education Center.

1924-25 Wasp Touring Car -

just one of the many items to be celebrated in the Gilded Age Vermont Gallery.

Boundaries in Flux -

an eclectic selection of works created by self-taught artists and recently acquired by the museum.

Research Library -

call or come in to dig into your history. Harper’s Weekly, Saturday, May 17, 1867 Rebels Outside Their Works at Yorktown – Sketched by Mr. Winslow Homer.

Grandma Moses Gallery -

with newly installed masterworks Anna Mary Robertson "Grandma" Moses (1860-1961): "Taking in Laundry (detail)" Copyright © 2014, Grandma Moses Properties Co., New York. Collection of Kallir Family Foundation.